Cape Girardeau Missouri Wedding Photographer

Cesia Noemi

Photographer | Dreamer

My photography journey started in 2012 inspired by my sister and late best friend. They inspired me to be creative and more passionate about life. Always taking their cameras on our adventures and doing fun creative shoots. I said, "I want in on that. I want to be cool too." They were both older than me and I looked up to them.

Photography in a way, helps me express what I can't say in words. I started out photographing landscapes. I was inspired by Chris Burkard's work. I then started shooting any and everything. Families, babies, events, etc. As I grew, I noticed the kind of photography that really fills me with joy. I still love landscapes, but what truly made me happy was doing creative portraits, branding, couples, and weddings. Romance books and movies are my favorite for a reason. ;)

I feel like I have soo much creativity flowing through me and I'm always thinking of the next photoshoot and what I can do to make it different than my last.

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Born and raised in Cape Girardeau Missouri.

2010 - Married my now husband, Evan, at the young age of 17!

2012 - Army moved us to Kansas

2016 - Army moved us to North Carolina

2022 - Army moved us to Texas

2024 - Army moved us to Missouri

We have 3 amazing boys and 2 awesome doggos, Chancho and Selena.

Drink: Matcha Latte

Bands: Arcade Fire, Local Natives, Beach House

Hobbies: Singing, reading, and hiking.

Dream Destination: Iceland

Current read: Throne of Glass Series