Cape Girardeau Missouri Wedding Photographer

Cesia Noemi

Photographer | Dreamer

My photography journey started years ago inspired by my sister and late best friend. They inspired me to be creative and more passionate about life. I've struggled with depression since I was ten years old. Since then, music became my only muse. It literally saved me. Then, along came my camera. Photography, in a way, helps me express what I can't say in words.

I specialize in love and portraits for two different reasons. Love is raw and passionate. It showcases the couples connection and electric chemistry. Taking portraits is an art form that sometimes lets you see into someone's soul simply by focusing on their eyes. Portraits have this innate way to showcase a person's unique persona.

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get to know

me better!

Born and raised in a small town from Missouri.

2010 - Married my now husband, Evan, at the young age of 17!

2011 - Army moved us to Kansas

2016 - Army moved us to North Carolina

2022 - Army moved us to Texas

We have 3 amazing boys and 2 awesome doggos, Chancho and Selena.

Drink: Matcha Latte

Bands: Arcade Fire, Local Natives, Beach House

Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, hiking, and camping.

Dream Destination: Iceland and Ireland

Current Watching: All the cheesy Christmas movies



the process

it's all about the experience

First of all, this is not about me, it's all about you! I truly care about all of my clients and strive to make your experience amazing and to capture beautiful moments that make you smile and feel happy.

1. With each session I offer unlimited free consults.

2. When you're booking for your elopement or wedding, I make sure we're a good fit first, because we'll be spending a lot of time together!
3. While planning your elopement, keep in mind, I'm not just your photographer.
4. I can help in finding the perfect location or venue, best time to elope in that climate, what to bring and wear, nearby lodging, and vendors. I do all the research for you!

5. For portrait sessions, I love helping create the scene. I make Pinterest boards to help us go in the right direction. I also love helping pick out the best outfits and locations.

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