Hola! I’m Cesia Noemi.
My photography journey started years ago inspired by my sister and late best friend. They inspired me to be creative and more passionate about life. I’ve struggled with depression since I was ten years old. Since then, music became my only muse. It literally saved me. Then, along came my camera. Photography, in a way, helps me express what I can’t say in words.¬†

I specialize in love and portraits for two different reasons. Love is raw and passionate. It showcases the couples connection and electric chemistry.¬†Taking portraits is an art form that sometimes lets you see into someone’s soul simply by focusing on their eyes. Portraits have this innate way to showcase a person’s unique persona.

a little into my life in case you're curious

  • I’m obsessed with pizza.
  • Trying to be an avid runner.
  • I play guitar and sing sometimes.
  • I’m 27 years young as of right now.
  • Being in the great outdoors is therapuetic for me.
  • I watch anime, k-pop dramas, and novelas in my free time.
  • I don’t drink coffee. I drink tea. Vanilla Chai with oat milk is the best.
  • Arcade Fire, Beach House, and Local Natives are my top three fav bands.
  • I have a perfectly imperfect family. There’s my husband, three wild boys, and our dog, Chancho.

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right. For you'll be criticized. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't." - Eleanor Roosevelt