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Hello! I'm Cesia noemi!

I’m an elopement and portrait photographer based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. I lean towards bold, vibrant, and true to color photography. I like to play around with different poses as well as getting all the candid in-betweens. I take a very laid back approach to make sure your wedding day or your session is relaxing and fun!

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Adventure Elopements

There’s something to be said about having the freedom to spend the day you get married on your own terms. Not having to conform to the way of our culture. Eloping doesn’t always mean running away to Vegas for a courthouse wedding. It can be literally anything you dream of. You can say your vows the place you decide to honeymoon, on a yacht, in the mountains, on the beach, the place where you first met, etc. Get creative! You can make a day out of it! ♥

Fayetteville Elopement
Poppy Field Session

Adventure Session

If you’re into adventures, then this is for you! Adventure sessions can be for any occasion! Engagements, anniversary’s, or just because you feel like it and you can. ♥ Let’s go do something fun while I document it! 

Seniors + Portraits

I’m your girl for all your portrait needs! Whether you’re graduating, need headshots for your portfolio, branding headshots, or just want your ‘now’ to be documented, this session is perfect for you. ♥

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Why Elope?

Because you’re not interested in being like anyone else. Re-imagine what a wedding day looks like. Do all weddings have to be the same? I want the couples I work with to step outside traditional boundaries and do something else that’s completely them.

Mad love means, fierce passionate love. Love makes a person do crazy things. It’s a literal driving force that makes life altering decisions. Wouldn’t it be the cherry on top to have your love documented? I think so!

I believe love and passion is what drives many of us to do the impossible. Love itself makes us Better people.

Love inspires a person to do things they’ve never done before or wouldn’t do otherwise. Couples more times than not, make each other better. They realize they enjoy doing some of the same things. They drive each other crazy but feel safe in each others arms. They go on adventures together because that’s what guides their connection. I want to document that. Your love, your passion, and your adventures. 

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